Monday, 2 December 2013

Lights in Your Eyes

In the last post we covered how to set your eye control or touch computer to control a toy or bubble machine; this was all about giving restricted child the ability to control small things around them.  What if we took this to the next level?  What if they could turn the lights on and off?  Or dim them?  Or brighten them?  Or even change their colour?  Well that's exactly what we are going to cover in this post.

In Macsen's therapy room we setup special wifi lightbulbs that change colour.  They are especially effective in his room as we have a set of 6 and have painted the cellin and walls completely white.  Here's some pictures of the effect:

The lights can be controlled by the out of the box remote control, iPhone/android app or the Tobii Communicator pageset that I created.

To set this up,yourself you will need:
* A set of Easybulbs and a Wifi controller.  You can buy a set of 4 with a wifi controller and remote for £77: (in some countries they are known as MILight or Limitless LED)

* An eye gaze or touch screen windows system (we use Tobii PCeye go
* A copy of Tobii Communicator
* Access to the settings of your wifi router

What do do:
* Setup the lightbulbs to use the remote using the in box instructions and test
* Configure the Wifi controller using this web page: and test with your smartphone or tablet

* Log into your wifi router settings, find the wifi controller (named Link_Wi-Fi), change it's IPAddress to static/reserved and note the IP address (detailed steps are included for Sky routers at the end or the post)

* Install .net framework 4.5 (
* Unzip the files downloaded from pageset central (
* Copy the EasyBulbControl.exe and EasyBulbControl.exe.config files for the unzipped folder into the C:\Program Files\EasyBulbControl folder
* Open the EasyBulbControl.exe.config file in notepad and set the following values:

      * Set the IP Address to the one you noted above for Link_Wi-Fi
      * BulbType will either be RGBW or RGB depending on the type of bulb you bought
* Copy Colour Wheel.cdd into your standard pageset folder

* To test the app works, run the following program C:\Program Files\EasyBulbControl\EasyBulbControl.exe.  From this form you should be able to turn the lights on and off as well as changing the colour.

If that worked, open your new pageset and you should now be able to control the bulbs and change your environment with your eyes!

Example steps to fix an IP Address

These steps will be slightly different for each type of router and broadband supplier.  Below are the steps for a sky router:

Open a browser and connect to your router.  For sky it's generally


Navigate to the attached devices page.  If prompted for a username and password, set:
    Username: admin
    Password: sky

Find the item Link_Wi-Fi, note the IP Address and MAC Address.

Navigate to the LAN IP Setup page and add and Address Reservation for Link_Wi-Fi with the IP and MAC address you noted.


The WIFI controller may need to be turned off and on again after this change.

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